Action Henk brings chubby action figure races to consoles this summer

Butt-sliding platformer Action Henk released less than a month ago on PC, but developer RageSquid has already announced plans to bring the portly action figure and his pals to consoles. The game arrives for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U this summer.

Action Henk replicates the childhood fantasy of action figures coming to life and racing around the house, as the characters slide and jump across toy rollercoasters and pieces of furniture. The game even recreates the greatest time-killer ever devised — “the floor is lava” — and lets you go outside so you can have flashbacks to the time you left your favorite GI Joe at the beach. In addition to 70 different levels, the game also includes bonus levels unlocked through special “boss races.”

The console versions are being handled by independent publisher Curve Digital, a company that has developed a reputation for high-quality indie console ports. Previously, Curve Digital was responsible for Lone Survivor, The Swapper, and Stealth Inc., as well as the console versions of Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone.

“We’ve long admired RageSquid for their ability to create games that bring joy — and Action Henk shows the team are at the top of their game,” says Curve Digital managing director Jason Perkins in the official release. The Netherlands-based studio was founded in 2012, initially as a way for the small group of friends to attend game jams together. They made the jump to becoming an “actual company” the following year and began an 18-month development period for what would eventually become Action Henk.

When Action Henk comes to consoles this summer, the PlayStation versions of the game will be available through cross buy: Buying one version grants you access to the other two. Don’t be surprised, however, if the game finds its way into PlayStation Plus, as Curve Digital has done so with several of its ports over the last two years.