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Apex Legends players think Mirage deserves buffs, Pathfinder needs to be nerfed

An unofficial Season 3 survey among nearly 2,000 Apex Legends players revealed the characters that the community believes need to be buffed and nerfed the most, as well as the reasons behind the answers.

The survey, in which 1,936 players participated after it was shared across various online forums, asked questions on whether they think each of the Apex Legends characters is overpowered, balanced, or underpowered, and to provide an explanation for their choice.

Of the battle royale shooter’s 11 Legends, the survey reveals that players think the three characters that need buffs are Mirage, Bloodhound, and Crypto, with 91%, 82%, and 68% of respondents tagging them as underpowered, respectively.

According to the survey, players think that Mirage’s skills are too weak compared to the other Apex Legends characters. Of the 1,699 respondents that believe he needs buffs, 68% think Mirage’s Encore passive ability should be improved, while 66% think the same for his Vanishing Act ultimate skill.

Meanwhile, Bloodhound and Crypto both mostly need buffs on their tactical abilities, the survey results reveal. Of the respondents who think Bloodhound is underpowered, 63% said that his Eye of the Allfather skill needs a boost, while 41% of the respondents who believe Crypto needs to be buffed said that his Surveillance Drone could use an upgrade.

On the other end of the spectrum, the survey reveals that Pathfinder, Wraith, and Gibraltar are the three characters that need to be nerfed, as they were described as overpowered by 41%, 35%, and 23% of respondents, respectively.

The main complaint against Pathfinder is his Grappling Hook. Of the respondents who think the robotic Legend is overpowered, 77% think that the tactical ability provides too much of an advantage, while 39% said that his hitbox is too good and 30% said that the character has too much of a positive effect on teams.

The hitbox, meanwhile, is the top reason for players who think Wraith needs to be nerfed, with 72% tagging this as the reason. For Gibraltar, the primary complaint is his Gun Shield passive ability, according to 78% of the respondents who said that he was overpowered.

Lifeline and Bangalore, on the other hand, turned out to be the most balanced characters in Apex Legends, with 85% and 83% of respondents, respectively, tagging them as such.

Apex Legends Season 3 is currently underway with a new map named World’s Edge, a new Battle Pass, and a new weapon, the Charge Rifle.

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