Catwoman returns in Batman: Arkham Knight’s Dawn of Justice DLC, out now

It has been nearly six months since the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, and the final chapter in Rocksteady’s series has received quite a few pieces of DLC during that time. Unfortunately, most of them are underwhelming — you can beat several of the pre-order bonus packs in less than an hour — but today’s update looks to pump you up for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a few movie-inspired skins and another chance to play as Catwoman.

The new update, which includes content available to buy starting today, includes both Batsuit and Batmobile skins inspired by the upcoming Dawn of Justice film. Rocksteady’s Guy Perkins says that the studio worked “extremely closely with the movie production team” to ensure that the Batmobile looked as authentic as possible, and the pack will be available for free next week. If you have the season pass, the skins are available right now.

The Catwoman DLC in Arkham City was terrific, and Rocksteady is hoping that lightning can strike twice with Catwoman’s Revenge, as well as the Robin-focused Flip of a Coin DLC. Catwoman’s portion sees her getting revenge on the Riddler for leaving her stuck in a trap-filled room for most of the game, while Robin is tasked with tracking down an escaped Two Face.

If you’re tired of fighting the same henchmen over and over again, the Catwoman episode might be for you: She’ll be snapping green robot heads, instead, as payback for all the times the androids killed her when she was playing Alien: Isolation. The episodes also include extra AR challenges, as well as the ability to select characters in the “Silent Predator” maps.

Unfortunately, if you’re playing on PC, new DLC is probably the last thing you want. As we reported last month, even after months of retooling, that version of the game is still almost unplayable.

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