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Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel arrives in March

Army Of Two The Devil's Cartel

Another day, another publisher reveals that their upcoming big-budget blockbuster game is going to hit store shelves in the already-packed early part of next year. Specifically, EA has announced that Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel will debut on March 26, 2013. 

As per usual, this release date was not the only impetus for EA’s announcement. The company also wants you all to know that those who pre-order Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel will receive a bonus (dubbed the “Overkill Edition”) that includes the following:

  • Early Access to Three “Overkillers” Contracts: Unleash massive destruction with three Contract variations designed for maximum rampage! Players must kill enemies and cause environment destruction to earn enough points to continuously stay in Overkill while making their way to the extraction point.
  • Tactical Co-op Gear: Lay down sustained cover fire with the TAH-9 side arm while decked out in the polymer textured outfit and mask or wield the Double D automatic shotgun while battling in the intimidating Overkill mask and outfit.
  • Celebrate the Day of the Dead: Bust out the Day of the Dead themed assault rifle and take on Mexico’s most ruthless drug lords in Day of the Dead themed outfit and masks designed by popular tattoo artists.
Those are arguably intriguing, but what of the game itself? Now that we have a release date people can finally start anticipating this game in earnest, so what exactly should they be anticipating? Well, if you’ve played any of the previous Army Of Two games you’ll know that they focus heavily on two player cooperation. Whether you’re playing by yourself or alongside a human pal, you’re going to spend most of the game battling through what Michael Bay imagines when he hears the word “warzone” alongside another soldier. Previously the relationship between these two characters offered a bit of levity to what would otherwise be a horrifying massacre comitted by heavily-muscled soldiers sporting “pimped-out” (their words, not ours) golden assault rifles and stylized hockey masks, but Devil’s Cartel is a bit of a departure for the series.
In Devil’s Cartel players are introduced to two new protagonists who appear far less jovial than Salem and Rios, the stars of the franchise so far. That makes a lot of sense given that EA describes the game as something of a darker, more mature reboot of the Army Of Two series, but almost entirely removes the possibility that your chosen soldier will start dropping hilariously out of place references to the Wu-Tang Clan in the middle of a firefight.
Assuming that doesn’t bother you too much — or you have a convenient friend available for the game’s undeniably entertaining co-operative campaign — you now have almost all the information you need to ensure that a copy of Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel could be sitting in your favorite console the moment it’s released. Before you rush down to the store to pre-order, you should probably have a look at the Devil’s Cartel preview we published this morning. After that, you’re on your own.

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