Battlefield 3 shocks and awes you with this new gameplay trailer

battlefield 3 shocks and awes you with this new gameplay trailer bfEven under the long and dark shadow that Call of Duty has cast over other first-person shooter titles, the Battlefield series has stood its ground and continues to thrive. If this new trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 3 is a true indication of what to expect, then the franchise might be poised to take the step forward from great to positively epic.

Go head, watch the trailer and say it doesn’t look amazing. Ignore the stunning visuals, and the intense feel of a battle raging on the streets of Iraq. We dare you.

Battlefield 3 is still months away, but a beta for the multiplayer was promised back when Medal of Honor was released in October. No word yet on when it will go live, but it should be announced within the next few months. Beyond that a handful of details have slipped, including the addition of the ability to drag teammates, the promise of the most destructible environments ever, and the ever important addition of a prone position.

Look for more on this game after GDC next week, and expect it in store this Fall.

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