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The best deals of Sony’s Days of Play event

Astro Bot and its PlayStation character cameos, which include Aloy and Nathan Drake on the right.
Team Asobi

There are a lot of great consoles out there, but few have made as much of an impact on gaming as Sony’s PlayStation. Even so, the latest iteration, the PlayStation 5, was a bit of a hit and a miss when it first came out, especially since there were issues with getting stock, and the PS4 still felt relatively fresh. Since then, the PS5 has become much better as a gaming console, with a lot more first-party titles, better availability, and even lower cost. To that end, if you want to grab yourself a PS5, or PS5 games, then Sony’s Days of Play event is the perfect time to pick up a bunch of cool stuff, and we’ve listed some of our favorite deals below.

God of War Ragnarök — $40, was $70

Kratos carries an axe out of Valhalla in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla
Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War is one of the oldest and most popular franchises, not only on PlayStation but also in gaming overall, and God of War Ragnarök is the latest installment. It may be a couple of years old now, but if you haven’t had a chance to play it, now is the perfect time to pick it up, especially if you finished the first God of War remake that was launched with the PS5. While the story isn’t as strong, the combat and gameplay are much better, and exploration is a lot of fun.

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition — $400, was $450

PlayStation 5 Slim Digital Edition

When the original PS5 game was out, it was a bit of a hit and a miss when it came to its looks, with many people feeling that it was bulky and not very good-looking. Since then, the new Slim version has come out, and it certainly helps with the overall aesthetic. This digital version has a nice little discount on it, and while there aren’t any significant performance upgrades, just a smaller size, weight and slightly larger storage capacity, it’s worth picking up if you don’t want to deal with discs.

PlayStation 5 Slim — $450, was $500


On the other hand, if you have or want to buy PS5 Disks, then you’ll likely want to go for the standard PS5 version that can use discs. It is a bit bulkier and heavier than the digital-only version, even with the new Slim release, but it’s a lot better than it was originally when it comes to dimensions. The price difference also isn’t that big compared to the digital-only version, so if you can swing it, it’s probably better to go for this version.

Sony PlayStation VR2 — $450, was $550

The packaging for the PlayStation VR2 headset.

While there are a lot of excellent PC VR Headsets, you can get a pretty excellent VR experience on the PS5 as well with the PlayStation VR2. It has an excellent screen with great tracking and controllers, so it’s a really great experience, although the headset itself can be a bit bulky. That said, the biggest issue of the PS VR2 is that it doesn’t have a ton of game support while still costing as much, if not more than the PS5, so it’s still a considerable investment, although one that is worth it if you want to experience VR.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — $50, was $70

A screenshot from The Story So Far in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s not always easy to make a solid superhero game sequel, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 nails it almost completely. It has a lot better combat, and the web-slinging and swinging are actually amazing and feel completely immersive compared to previous games. Even the story is a lot more nuanced, if slightly bloated, so the game manages to hit a lot of great important points for any fan of Spidey.

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