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Bob Was Hungry is a multiplayer platformer where your friends need to be as good as you

Over the past few years, platformers have been tending more and more toward the tough side of things, bringing back the blistering difficulty of some of retro gaming’s most notorious titles. While this appeals to those who could play through Super Mario Bros. with their eyes closed before they started school, some gamers want a more laid back experience.

Ohio-based Shorebound Studios’ Bob Was Hungry aims to provide an enjoyable experience for both types of players, but it will definitely be a richer experience for those who live for a good challenge. It’s also meant to be played with friends, but whether it will enrich those friendships or end them outright likely depends on which mode you’re playing.

Bob Was Hungry is a platformer for everyone, whether you’re a casual player or the most experienced speedrunner.” Shorebound creative director Keith Swanger said in a statement. “Just want to have some fun with friends? Try out co-op mode. Want to get really mad at your friends? Shared-death co-op is for you. And if you finish the game wanting more, don’t worry. Every single stage has a hard version for those players seeking a real challenge, which brings the total to more than 170 levels. You’re going to die. A lot. But I think you’ll enjoy it”

Players control a titular Bob, a creature that used to eat entire planets made of cheese, according to the game’s backstory. Now these Bobs scour the environment for scraps of food left behind from the gluttonous Bobs who devoured all of these “cheese havens.”

Bob Was Hungry screenshot

While Bob Was Hungry features single player, including a separate harder version of each level, the real meat of the game seems to lie in the multiplayer. Supporting up to eight players, the game features both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. Within the cooperative mode, a beginner mode lets everyone pass a level even if only one player makes it to the end. Shared-death co-op, on the other hand, requires that every player survive to the end of the level — otherwise everyone starts over. That should indeed test some friendships.

The competitive modes see players racing to make their way through levels the fastest. For an even bigger challenge, Survival Race keeps the same objective, but players are limited to one life, so their run though the level had better be perfect.

Bob Was Hungry seems like a perfect match for streamers and speedrunners, and is available now on Steam. Right now the game is being offered for $10, but starting September 2 the game will cost $15, so if you want to save a few bucks, now is the time to give the game a shot.

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