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Borderlands 3 release date leaks on its own Twitter account

Borderlands 3 release launch date leak reveal Tweet official

The long-awaited sequel was officially revealed by Gearbox Software recently and we are only a couple of days away from getting more information, but the Borderlands 3 information docket may have sprung a leak. A tweet unleashed mayhem upon the world, sharing that Borderlands 3 will be launching on September 13 and those who pre-order the game will get the Gold Weapon Skins pack.

Gearbox took to the first day of PAX East 2019 to officially reveal Borderlands 3 during an hour-long panel that was hosted at the event and livestream around the world. The news that it would be releasing on September 13 came via the official Borderlands Twitter account but the tweet was soon deleted. PC Gamer reports that the date fits in with the 2019 window that Take-Two Interactive previously revealed and it also isn’t far off from another rumored release date of October 1.

September 13 would place Borderlands 3 a few days ahead of the seven-year anniversary of Borderlands 2’s launch, which took place on September 18, 2012. The first Borderlands game launched in October 2009. Gearbox Software doesn’t have to stick to any particular rules when launching their games, but this leak does fit a pattern. In addition, Twitter user Wario64 captured a now-deleted Twitter ad video that didn’t show the exact release date but did have the Epic Games store logo in the lower right.

Borderlands 3 launch trailer release date leak

Now, April 1 is a tough day when it comes to news coverage. There are obvious spoofs mixed in with sneaky reveals that toe the line between fact and fiction, so this particular “mistake” from Gearbox could be a cleverly executed April Fools joke.

Revealing that Borderlands 3 is coming exclusively to the Epic Games store, though, would be a cruel April Fools joke. The reception has been mixed as Epic Games attempts to cut into the Steam-dominated pie by signing contracts for timed-exclusive distribution of PC titles and Borderlands 3 would be a major get for the company. Overall, tweeting and deleting this information makes this lean a bit more toward truth. Nevertheless, we’ll all be tuned in on Wednesday, April 3 to get more info on the game and see if any of this is confirmed.

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