Burger Time remake coming to all major consoles


Fire up the grill! After 20 years on the shelves, Burger Time is coming back to home consoles. The clever bloggers at Siliconera have discovered that the ESRB has rated a new Burger Time HD game for the PC, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It is likely a downloadable game. Here’s the description, courtesy of the ESRB (They gave it an “E for Everyone” rating).

ESRB: “This is an action-platformer in which players assume the role of a small chef who must assemble giant hamburgers. Players must avoid ‘cartoony’ hazards (e.g., grill flames, spikes traps) and oversized enemies (e.g., carrots, apple cores, hot peppers) in each level. The chef blinks and falls off-screen when hit; enemies react to damage with a ‘dizzying’ effect.”

This time around, Burger Time will be coming from the folks at MonkeyPaw, which is mostly known for a few PlayStation Network games like Arc the Lad, but the developer is said to be working on more than one retro remake. Hopefully it will do my youth justice and keep the gameplay up front. Also, if we see McDonalds logos covering our burgers, someone will pay.

Burger Time has been tossed around different publishers through its 30 years on the market. Originally published by Data East, nearly every new iteration of the series has seen new hands. Mattel, Coleco, Hamster Corporation, Sunsoft, and Electro Source took the Burger franchise for a spin in the 80s and 90s. More recently, Hudson Soft and Namco Bandai have released mobile remakes of the series to reasonable success.

Burger Time should be released sometime this year, hopefully very soon.