Counterstrike vs. Counterstrike: Global Offensive Map Comparison

How different do the maps for Valve’s Counter-Strike update Global Offensive look when compared to the version from CS 1.6?

Some enterprising fans in the Steam forums put together comparisons photos for several of the more popular maps based on screenshots and grabs from the CS:GO trailer. 

Maps like Aztec, a personal favorite, and Dusts 1 and 2 look amazingly updated. Valve seems to have added a few new areas to the maps. Check out the grab with the AWP in the photo. Is that a balcony with accessible stairs? Interesting change. Nuke and Inferno don’t look too different but admittedly there aren’t as many images of those maps.

To get a better look you might want to go full screen with the images.

Check out the forum discussion here

Take a look at the trailer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive below: