Legendary Gems, Greater Rifts, and more coming to Diablo III on PS4 and Xbox One

diablo 3 microtransactions patch iii beta wizard vs skeleton king 2

Blizzard has confirmed that the upcoming patch 2.1.0 for Diablo III, the first major content update since the one that laid the groundwork for the Reaper of Souls expansion, is also in development for the Ultimate Evil Edition on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The patch, currently undergoing playtesting for Mac and PC on the Public Test Realm server, adds a number of features that will continue to flesh out the endgame content added in Reaper of Souls. In addition to Rifts, there will be Greater Rifts that offer a higher degree of challenge for increased rewards. Among those rewards will be Legendary Gems–socketables with unique abilities that scale to match your growing strength by being infinitely upgradeable through completing Greater Rifts.

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There will also be a return to Diablo II‘s Leaderboards with Seasons to provide a regular opportunity for players to start fresh with new characters and measure their skill against their peers. Lastly, you will finally be able to follow those pesky treasure goblins home through their portal to see where they keep all that stolen gold and treasure in the Vault.

There is still no firm release date for when patch 2.1.0 will drop, but going forward the developers are aiming to provide simultaneous patch support for both PC and console versions of the game.