Gamers! Join us in the Digital Trends group on Steam

Steam DT header

We’re trying something new here. With Valve’s launch of the Steam Discovery Update, there’s a new Curator feature that allows us to share game recommendations with a community group, and even attract followers in a manner similar to Twitter and other social networks. It’s a fun resource, especially as it’s connected with Steam’s Groups feature.

Given all of that, we’ve decided to launch a Digital Trends group on Steam, and we’ve already started to populate our Curator feed with game recommendations. They’re all culled from some of our top reviews for 2014, and we intend to keep growing that list over time.

This is also a great way for us to just interact with you all. Comments are great, and we love when you read our stuff, but there’s a whole Internet out there. We get it. With a Steam group, we can communicate with you about events, play opportunities, and more. We’re just dipping our toes in and figuring out how all of this works. If you’ve got any ideas, send ’em our way.

Game on!