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Silent? Violent? Take your pick or try both in 'Dishonored 2' gameplay videos

Dishonored 2 –Clockwork Mansion Gameplay Trailer (High Chaos)
The first Dishonored prided itself on offering a fulfilling, rich open-world campaign regardless of whether you chose to play it like a pacifist or a murderous psychopath, and Dishonored 2 looks like it will continue that tradition. In new gameplay videos released by publisher Bethesda, we get a chance to see exactly how new protagonist Emily Kaldwin can take full advantage of both play styles to complete her mission.

The first of these, Emily’s “high chaos” run, sees the young empress going after “Delilah’s Grand Inventor,” Kirin Jindosh. Using her “shadow walk” ability, Emily crawls stealthily along the ground, viciously impaling unsuspecting targets before using her new “domino” power to decapitate three guards at once. As Emily enters Jindosh’s Clockwork Mansion, the building begins to change around her, with furniture rising and falling from the floor and a strange mechanical creature quickly sprinting away.

Several of these “Clockwork Soldiers” attack with little warning, at which point Emily uses her “far reach” ability to quickly escape the danger. With her position now compromised, Emily creates a doppelganger of herself to confuse enemies and goes guns (and sword) blazing. After discovering Jindosh inside a room housing a Tesla coil-like device. She hooks him up to it and begins delivering electricity to his head.

For those who want to sleep at night, the “low chaos” route (shown above) may be the better option. While still using the “domino” ability, this time Emily simply pounces on one guard and knocks him out, thus rendering the other two unconscious, as well. Instead of slaughtering the guards she comes across upon entering the mansion, she sneaks by them and finds a key in a room upstairs. She also continues to make use of “shadow walk,” but restrains herself by only incapacitating guards instead of shoving a blade through their faces.

Dishonored 2 is shaping up to be a mighty fine successor to the original 2012 game. It will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 11, and a day early for those who pre-order it.

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