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‘Doom’ blasts its way onto Nintendo Switch this November

DOOM on Nintendo Switch – id Software Developer Interview
The Nintendo Switch is certainly not short on games to play this holiday, with Fire Emblem Warriors and Super Mario Odyssey among the biggest titles coming to the platform, but another acclaimed game will be making its way to the Switch in just a few weeks. Id Software’s Doom is almost here, and we’re excited to jump back into its insane world and kill some demons.

“Nintendo Switch fans can look forward to getting the entire campaign, and all of the difficulty modes including “ultra nightmare mode, which is a really fun way to play the game,” said executive producer Marty Stratton in a new developer video.

The Nintendo Switch version also comes with “arcade mode,” which allows you to replay levels from the campaign with all of your upgraded weapons and abilities and an emphasis on speed and high scores.

Doom on Nintendo Switch also comes with the game’s competitive multiplayer, featuring 12 modes, 18 maps, and all downloadable content included. While the multiplayer mode didn’t receive as much praise as the campaign when it originally launched on other platforms in 2016, it has improved over time, with new abilities and maps helping the game to stand out from other shooters.

“We had a very scalable engine if you kind of look at the analysis that was done of IdTech 6 right after the game came out,” Stratton said. “Most of the technical sites that evaluated it talked about how scaleable it was and how many options we gave players. And in bringing it to the Switch, we worked with a developer named Panic Button that has a lot of experience with Nintendo hardware.”

In our own preview, we were quite impressed with Doom‘s performance on Nintendo’s hybrid system. The game ran at a solid 30 frames per second with few drops, though we did find the experience to be much more pleasant with the Switch’s Pro Controller than with the Joy-Con’s smaller sticks and buttons.

Doom comes to Nintendo Switch on November 10. The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Next year, MachineGames’ Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will also be coming to the platform.

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