Dragon Age: Redemption releases live action trailer

dragon age redemption releases live action trailerFelicia Day fans, today is your lucky day! Behold the first trailer for the upcoming web-based miniseries, Dragon Age: Redemption. The six episode series was written by, and stars Day as an elven assassin named Talis, who is hunting a renegade magician through the land of Ferelden.

Although the series was just announced earlier this week, filming has already completed.

No air date has been officially announced, although in the clip–which debuted last night on Jimmy Fallon–it claims a summer release, which seems somewhat odd with the release of the game Dragon Age II on March 8. So either the summer release date is incorrect, or perhaps more likely, EA and Bioware are looking at the Dragon Age franchise as more than just a series of games. This web series might be the first step towards a possible feature film or live-action TV show, although that is pure conjecture.

Check out the trailer below, and keep an eye out for Dragon Age: Redemption in the next few weeks or months.