Bioware to produce a Dragon Age miniseries for the web

bioware to produce a dragon age miniseries for the web day as talisIn case of art imitating life—or maybe art imitating more art, geek princess and self-professed MMORPG fan Felicia Day has been hired to write and star in a six episode, web-based live-action TV miniseries based on Bioware’s RPG, titled Dragon Age: Redemption.

Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) also stars, writes and producers her own web-based series, The Guild, which is about to begin filming its fifth season. Day plays Codex, a member of a guild that play an unnamed MMORPG together, despite their lives constantly getting in the way.

According to a USA Today report, Day will play Talis, an assassin with a sarcastic sense of humor that fights dirty. Talis travels through the land of Ferelden–the setting of the game Dragon Age: Origin–as she continues her quest to capture a renegade magician. In true RPG fashion, Talis will gain a group of allies to help her fight the various battles along the way.

Filming has already concluded for the series, and it is now in post-production. An exact release date has not been given yet, but with the game Dragon Age II hitting shelves on March 8, you can likely expect the series to hit the internet towards the end of this month.