Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC details revealed, coming this summer

dragons teeth dlc coming battlefield 4  siege on shanghai multiplayer screens wm

Dragon’s Teeththe next expansion pack for Battlefield 4, moves the game’s multiplayer action into the dense, urban combat arenas of bustling Asian cities. 

The DLC adds four new multiplayer maps to test your tactical skills. Sunken Dragon centers around a floating restaurant in a lake that can be drained for a frontal vehicular assault. Propaganda is set among the grey concrete monuments of communist despots. Pearl Market has you picking your way through a dense mesh of alleys and rooftops. Finally, Lumphini Garden features a network of canals to allow for rapid mobility across the pristine park.

In addition to the new maps, Dragon’s Teeth also includes five new weapons, a ballistic shield to block incoming fire, and a heavily-armed remote-controlled vehicle to cause havoc in the new environments. It also introduces a new gameplay mode called Chain Link, wherein your team fights to link together capture points into chains for a new spin on Conquest. There are also 10 new assignments for you to achieve, with corresponding new unlock rewards.

Dragon’s Teeth will be available later this summer, with Premium members getting the first crack at it.