Dying Light trolls Destiny/Red Bull promotion with its own DLC campaign

dying light drink for dlc rewards header
After Bungie’s blockbuster shooter Destiny rolled out a Red Bull-themed social media blitz earlier this week, the developers of the zombie-themed FPS Dying Light responded with a similar, if less conventional beverage-themed marketing campaign.

Dying Light‘s message? Drink water, and we’ll give you free DLC. Much healthier!

Initially tweeted as a lighthearted jab at Destiny‘s promotional tie-in, Dying Light‘s developers facetiously promised that players who drank a glass of water would be eligible to receive an in-game weapon docket, free of charge and with no purchase necessary.

Thousands of favorites and retweets later, developer Techland adopted a new approach, fully embracing the joke and pledging to release all-new DLC to match the hashtag #DrinkForDLC’s growth and popularity on Twitter. The promotion recently met its first milestone goal, ensuring a 50-percent in-game experience boost for players this Sunday, June 28.

Free batches of Dying Light DLC will subsequently unlock when #DrinkForDLC reaches 10,000, 20,000, 35,000, and 50,000 affiliated tweets.

Destiny‘s DLC campaign is more traditional in its approach, tying in-game perks to specially-marked cans of Red Bull energy drink. By entering a code printed on Red Bull cans, players receive bonus experience points and access to an exclusive quest within the upcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King.

Destiny publisher Activision previously launched a similar campaign for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, encouraging players to “fuel up for battle” by collecting codes from marked packages of Doritos-brand chips and Mountain Dew soda.

Details regarding Dying Light‘s upcoming DLC were not announced, and a release date for the first pack is not yet known.

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