Details leak on upcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King, out September 15

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It seems to be getting tougher and tougher to keep a secret under wraps until E3 hits these days. Between companies making their own announcements early to avoid information overload and details leaking through various channels, it’s a formidable task.

Last week Bungie hinted that it had something to share at E3, and now we have a pretty good idea what it’s going to be. The next Destiny expansion will be titled The Taken King and will arrive on September 15, according to marketing materials leaked to Kotaku.

If it seems like you’ve heard that name before, that’s because it has previously been mentioned as the possible name of the upcoming expansion. Earlier this month the name appeared on Red Bull packaging, making it obvious that something by that name would be coming out of Bungie.

The new expansion will open a new subclass for each of the three character classes, as well as a new ability for each. Warlocks will receive an electrical storm (arc damage), Hunters get a gravity bow (void damage), and Titans get a flaming hammer (solar damage). This rounds out each class, as each new ability adds a damage type that class currently lacks.

The Taken King will add new locations, as well as new Strikes and PvP maps. Even better, the game adds something that the previous House of Wolves expansion didn’t: a new raid. This new raid will see players facing Oryx, father of Crota, whom players likely remember well (if not fondly) as the boss of the raid added in Destiny‘s first expansion.

The leak also detailed the price of the expansion, which will reportedly be $40. Developer Bungie is, of course, not commenting on this leaked information, though it seems that likely we’ll see it at least partly confirmed at E3 next week.