EA Engages Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

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Electronic Arts and Sweden’s Digital Illusions announced today that Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has shipped for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming platform.

The new version of the game for the Xbox 360 features all the content from the original Xbox release, plus three new maps and four new vehicles from the “Warsome Booster Pack” released in December 2005. The single-player version of the game offers a “hotswapping” feature enabling the player to take control of any soldier in their squad at any time. The Xbox 360 edition also rolls in online play originally developed for the Playstation 2 version of the title, enabling up to 24 players to engage online. Players choose to fight for one of four superpowers (the U.S., China, the E.U., or the Middle East Coalition). Players can increase their rank and status in both online and single-player modes.

Battlefield 2; Modern Combat is rated T for “teen” by the MSRB, and carries a suggested price of $59.99.