Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb are Bethesda’s E3 MCs, but Fallout news may arrive sooner

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Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, the former hosts of G4’s flagship series X-Play, will be reunited for the first time to co-host the pre-show and post-show for Bethesda’s inaugural E3 press conference.

“We know we’re going to see some big reveals at the Showcase, and we will be there to make sure the fans get all the information they’re craving,” Webb said.”We’d love the fans to get involved in the conference via Twitter and Twitch, so we can take their questions straight to the people behind the games they love.”

Webb and Sessler previously hosted X-Play on G4 together for nearly a decade before Sessler was terminated and the show was subsequently cancelled. He went on to work for Discovery and Revision3 before leaving to focus on his media consultancy, TheoryHead.

The announcement comes less than two weeks before E3, and as the publisher has never held its own conference, big franchise announcements are anticipated — Doom is already confirmed for the show, and three years removed from the original’s release, a sequel to Dishonored is also a possibility.

But we now know one more game that will definitely be showing up at the conference. In fact, it might be revealed beforehand. Travel to the official Bethesda blog right now, and you won’t be greeted with a list of news announcements, but rather a countdown timer featuring a Native American wearing a headdress and a grainy film effect.

The URL for the page now begins with “fallout,” and the timer has less than a day to go. It would certainly be odd for Bethesda to officially unveil Fallout 4 before its first-ever E3 conference, but it shows the confidence of a publisher responsible for several of the best games from last generation. Of course, this could all just be leading up to a Brink sequel announcement … the horror.