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Indie developer announces Kickstarter campaign for official Fear Effect sequel

Fear Effect, an original PlayStation-era horror shooter franchise, may be revived next year in an officially licensed sequel by an independent developer, if the studio can raise enough funding through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Fear Effect Sedna, a project from French developer Sushee Games, will reimagine the highly stylized shooter as a turn-based strategy game similar to the XCOM series and 2013 indie Shadowrun Returns. Though the game will be funded and made independently, it comes with the official license and seal of approval from the series’ license holder, Square Enix.

Sedna is the first licensed project approved by Square Enix’ crowdsourcing-based publishing initiative, “The Collective,” which allows independent studios to receive publishing support for crowdfunded games, according to Eurogamer. Sushee is no stranger to the program; the team published its last game, a PC adventure game called Goetia, through the Square Enix Collective. Last year, the studios put out an open call for game ideas based on three of the publisher’s defunct western franchises, Fear Effect, Gex, and Anachronox. In exchange for their support and, in this case, licensing rights, Sushee will pay Square Enix five percent of the funds earned by the Kickstarter campaign, if its successful, and 10 percent of the game’s revenue. The Kickstarter campaign will seek to raise €100,000.

Fear Effect and Fear Effect 2, were cult hits for the PlayStation from the late ’90s and early aughts, which Square Enix acquired with the purchase of western subsidiary, Eidos Interactive. An unreleased third entry in the series was cancelled late in development. As part of the agreement, Sushee was given access to the script and a prototype from Fear Effect 3, and the unreleased game’s story will be canon in the potential sequel’s story. According to the developer, Sedna will take place four year after the events of Fear Effect 3 and will feature the game’s four protagonists, Hana, Rain Qin, Royce Glas, and Jacob “Deke” DeCourt, working as mercenaries. Sushee said it has consulted John Zuur Platten, director of the original Fear Effect games, to ensure the the sequel’s authenticity.

The Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter campaign will kick off April 12. If successful, Sushee hopes to release the game on PC in “mid-2017.” Console versions will be a campaign stretch goal.

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