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The first 18 minutes of ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ gameplay

Watch the fall of Cayde-6 in the first 18 minutes of 'Destiny 2: Forsaken'

Last week, Bungie put out a substantial 7GB update that changed some major aspects of Destiny 2 in preparation for Forsaken. We also covered some of the biggest overhauls in our everything you need to know roundup. Now, you can watch the first 18 minutes of Destiny 2: Forsaken gameplay (above) and get a bite-sized look at the new expansion before you read our review of Destiny 2: Forsaken for the full scoop.

In the first scene, you see Cayde-6 facing what looks to be his executioner, Uldren. You don’t actually get to witness the act take place but the darkening of the screen and the sound of a gunshot leads you to believe the absolute worst. There’s something that Cayde-6 says right before the scene ends that makes it all feel super heavy — the words, “How’s your sister?”

You’re then taken to a prior time, where Petra Venj alerts you and Cayde-6 to a riot taking place inside the cell blocks of the Prison of Elders. It’s then up to the both of you to take care of the problem before it spills into the Reef.

Things are in pretty rough shape as you venture further into the prison. Cell blocks have been destroyed and the inmates are running rampant. But in true Destiny 2 style, you’ll waltz in and rain bullets on any threat that gets thrown our way.

There’s the return of familiar enemies like Vandals, Dregs, and Thralls but no sign of the Scorn just yet. Their presence feels imminent though, with each cell block we get dropped into.

As you meet up with Petra, she instructs you and Cayde-6 to get a handle on security. This translates into Cayde-6 fumbling with the security system and you dealing with waves of enemies until you successfully clear them all. As you enter the next area of the Prison of Elders, our 18 minutes of Destiny 2: Forsaken gameplay come to an end.

Up to this point, everything about this expansion looks and feels familiar but we don’t doubt that it has more to offer than what we’ve shown here. New enemies, new raids, and a new multiplayer mode are all features to look forward to and we’ll be covering all of it in our Forsaken review.

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