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Most post-launch ‘For Honor’ content will be free to all players

For Honor Trailer: Season Pass & Post Launch (DLC)
For Honor doesn’t release until February 14, but we already know what to expect after its launch. The post-launch content trailer above, originally posted on UbiBlog, details the long battle between the three in-game factions: Vikings, samurai, and knights.

The first season of For Honor, called “Pride and Conquest” is the launch season. The post-launch content is broken up into three subsequent seasons, with each season representing another point in the grueling faction war. Every three months, a new season will bring two new heroes into the fray, for a total of six when season four eventually drops.

Each season will also bring two new maps, modes, gear, and rewards for all players, free of charge. The add-on content focuses on providing players with further customization options, which will benefit players when ranked mode and tournament play releases in a future season.

This type of content is often associated with season passes. For Honor does, in fact, have a $40 season pass, but its major selling point is timed benefits.

Season pass holders will gain access to the two new heroes one week early. After that, though, every player can use the in-game currency, Steel, to purchase the new heroes. Steel is earned by completing matches and challenges, and unless the cost of new heroes is unfathomably high, base game owners will only miss out on the heroes for a week.

Additionally, season pass holders will get six elite outfits for their heroes, an exclusive sunbeam effect emote, three emblem outlines, and three scavenger crates holding new gear. If you buy the season pass, you will also get 30-day champion status, which doles out increased XP to you and your friends. The season pass may not be worth it for many players, but that is not necessarily bad considering that the post-launch content benefits base game players.

You still have a chance to try out For Honor ahead of its February 14 release date on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. An open beta will run from February 9 to February 12 on all platforms.

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