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Free patch draws a new challenger to Street Fighter X Mega Man

SFxMM Akuma

Last Friday, Capcom issued a statement on the official Capcom Unity blog announcing the release of a patch for the genuinely free to play downloadable PC game Street Fighter X Mega Man. This would be that unexpected bit of fan service that Capcom released in December; a game that pits Capcom’s plucky Mega Man against a series of bosses who just so happen to be the iconic virtual pugilists of Capcom’s Street Fighter games. It’s a neat concept by itself, and the game has proven a hit among fans, but its developers aren’t content to rest on their laurels. That new patch we mentioned isn’t just a collection of bug fixes, it also brings with it new gameplay content.

Specifically, Street Fighter X Mega Man v2 includes one additional boss battle not found in its previous version. We don’t want to spoil the surprise of which Street Fighter character has been added to the Street Fighter X Mega Man roster, but we will offer a few hints. That header image of Akuma? That’s got nothing to do with it. Nor does the trailer embedded below this text. This character is one of the original bosses of Street Fighter 2, and according to franchise lore he hails from Thailand. If you still can’t figure it out, Eventhubs has a full explanation of who this fighter is and how to throw down against him in Street Fighter X Mega Man.

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As for the rest of the patch’s contents, have a look at the full list courtesy Capcom Unity:

  • Confirmation prompt before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game
  • E Tank glitch and various other bugs fixed
  • Improved controller support (Game defaults to keyboard on launch; make sure controller is plugged in prior to opening the file, then go into Options menu and set keys)
  • Take screenshots using F9
  • M Bison buffed a bit (This place shall become your grave!)
As with the original release of Street Fighter X Mega Man, this latest iteration of the game will set you back zero dollars. Simply visit Capcom Unity’s official Mega Man section and click the most blatant, obvious splash advertisement on the page. It’s right near the top, so you can’t miss it.
Now that it’s been established that Street Fighter X Mega Man is an ongoing project for Capcom, we wonder who else might join the roster at some point down the road. It’s probably too early to hope for really esoteric faces from Street Fighters III and IV, but we could totally see characters from the Street Fighter Alpha series popping up as bosses. We don’t necessarily want the entire roster of Alpha 3 Max added to Street Fighter X Mega Man, but can any of you honestly say that a battle against a pixelated R. Mika wouldn’t be totally awesome and at least a little bit worryingly sexy?

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