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New fighters, stages hit Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on October 9 for free

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Sebastian

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada loves Twitter. In the past 24 hours alone the man has tweeted 42 times, but more important than the volume of words is what he’s been telling us. Specifically, this gem from last night:

We will update TTT2 on October 9. Adds some characters & stages, enhancement of an on-line function & customization feature are included.

While Harada’s words are light on details, they do coincide with this new Famitsu report which claims that starting October 9 Namco Bandai will begin rolling out new characters and stages for its latest fighter. The Japanese gaming magazine claims that these additions will be made available over a specific, yet currently unknown amount of time, but that additions would include classic Tekken characters like Violet and Unknown, and a number of bizarre “joke” characters like Tekken 3’s Dr. Boskonovitch, a slim version of Bob and Lili’s butler Sebastian who, until now, has only appeared in a single Tekken 6 cinematic cut scene. In sum this will bring the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 roster to 59 total characters, and it will include every fighter to ever appear in a Tekken game, with the exception of Tekken 3’s hidden dinosaur Gon (who is likely off-limits due to IP rights issues).

Additionally, Famitsu lists four new stages coming to the game dubbed “Russia,” “Chile,” “Saudi Arabia,” and, bizarrely, “magic show.” While Harada has long promised that any additional DLC characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would be available free of charge, Famitsu claims that these stages will also be totally gratis.

Intriguingly — especially for anyone who has repeatedly tried and failed to beat Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s Arcade Mode thanks to its crazy-hard final boss — those miscellaneous balance changes Harada alluded to also seem to extend to the single-player portion of the game. When informed by one of his Twitter followers that he was unable to finish Arcade Mode, even on its easiest setting, due to the aforementioned boss, Harada replied simply, “We will fix that.” Whether that’s just idle talk or not remains to be seen, but if anyone has the power to change something like that it would be Katsuhiro Harada, and we’ve heard enough complaints about the final boss since publishing our review that we’re sure he’s well aware of the issue.

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