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Gamed: Everything you need to know about the Xbox One

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This weekend, millions of North American men and women will disappear. They won’t be at the movies or restaurants, they won’t be out playing sports or taking the dog for a walk. No, they will be inside playing with their Xbox One. So if you walk by someone’s door and hear them yelling things like “off!” and “Go home!”, it just means they are trying out the new system’s voice commands. We hope.

So now that Microsoft’s system is out, the next-gen console battle can begin in earnest. No more wondering what we’ll get, no more debating what launch titles are going to look like. With that in mind though, we offer a back look at our favorite Xbox One stories, as well as stories that you may want to know.

Xbox One review

We break down the Xbox One and let you know what we think about everything from the Kinect to the user interface to the controller design.

Xbox-One-launch-14Scenes from the Xbox One launch

We were at the New York City launch party in Time Square. Check out a few images from the festivities.

Xbox One tips and tricks

Got your new Xbox One out of the box and ready to go? We have a few tips on how to get the most out of your system on day one.

Dolby Digital on the way

One issue some people have with the Xbox One is the sound output. If you are among those concerned, check out the latest news on Dolby Digital and the Xbox One.

microsoft xbox one review interface pinsAll the Xbox One apps available by Spring 2014

Not every confirmed app is available for the Xbox One yet, but more are on the way. Here’s a look at what apps to expect by Spring of 2014.

A look at the Xbox One dashboard

The Xbox One dash is similar to that of the Xbox 360, but it’s closer to the tiles system prevalent in Windows 8. We take a closer look at it.

Xbox-One-launch-10Xbox One and indie devs

One area where Sony seemingly dominated Microsoft was in its support of indie developers. That may be changing with the new consoles.

And many, many more…

Check out all our Xbox One news, including reviews.

Hot Coffee and News

PlayStation 4 and Vita bundle seen in the wild, but only in the UK

ps4vitaDeep in the wilds of the United Kingdom, a new PlayStation 4 bundle was spotted. The new bundle will contain the PS4 in all its glory, as well as the PS Vita, which is exponentially more useful now that the PS4 is out and remote play has been unlocked. Sadly, this bundle is currently only available in Great Britain. Seeing as how Sony is a company, and companies like money, the odds of this bundle hitting American shores is fairly high.

Crash Bandicoot may be staging a comeback

CrashBandicoot_HeroCrash Bandicoot is kind of like one of those 90s bands that released a few hits, trashed a few hotel rooms, and then disappeared into legend (and possibly bankruptcy, substance abuse, and depression). According to a new report though, Sony may have decided to give the washed up would-be mascot another chance, and purchased the IP from Activision. Questions about this to both Sony and Activision were greeted with a resounding chorus of “no comment.”

Walking Dead dev working on a Game of Thrones game

gam-of-thrones-death-tab-650x367The team that made Walking Dead into a beautifully depressing game, may be looking to make George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones into a beautifully depressing game. Telltale refused to comment on whether or not that is true, but if it happens, it would likely be based on the books rather than the HBO series. The name of the book series, by the way, is A Song of Ice and Fire. The funny thing is, not counting the initial zombie outbreak, far, far more people have died in Martin’s books than in The Walking Dead games, TV show, or original comics. Take a look at the image on the right. Each of those tabs represents the death of a named character. You do not cross George R.R. Martin.

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