Get the most out of your Xbox One with these tips

microsoft xbox one review console kinect

The Xbox One is a remarkably different system than it was when it originally launched in 2013. Its user interface has been completely overhauled, allowing users to quickly navigate its menus, but the console still comes with a bit of a learning curve for anyone not used to Microsoft’s ecosystem. What are these “Pins” and how are they different from what’s on Xbox 360? Where is the Settings menu? Can you really use the system optimally without Kinect?

The Xbox One might not be sentient (yet), but there is most definitely a process of learning to communicate with it. Even if you strip Kinect voice commands out — which is become standard now that it is no longer offered with most bundles — there is still a lot to figure out as you ring the various bells and blow the various whistles. You can muddle through on your own easily enough … but why do that when you can just keep reading for a rundown of simple tips and tricks that will improve your day one experience immeasurably?

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