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'Undertale' and Gamers for Good partner to promote mental health awareness

Scarab Scribbles: Frisk - Gamers for Good Charity Artbook Submission
Mental illness continues to be a misunderstood and stigmatizing area of health, and unfortunately, some people don’t get the help and counseling they need to be happier and healthier individuals because of that. Gamers for Good and Undertale creator Toby Fox are looking to change that with a special charity event, and you can help make it a success.

Until October 16, fans can submit their own creations, including drawings, 3D images, cosplays, or even music to be included in the “Undertale Charity Fan art book.” The proceeds from the book’s sales will go to three charities: Anxiety Gaming, Take This, and Child’s Play. Over 600 fan submissions have already been provided toward the project, and you can check one of them out in the video posted above. The final book will be funded through Kickstarter, with the related campaign beginning on October 18.

You may have heard of Child’s Play before through the annual events it holds to raise funds to give hospitalized children access to video games. By reading patients’ individual wishlists, you can see what video games or toys they’re interested in and send a gift to the hospital. Gamers For Good specifically highlighted the charity’s game centers for victims of domestic violence, which it uses to “fill a role of support for traumatized youth.”

Take This is dedicated to creating “depression-proof studio culture,” and has set up an “AFK Room” at various gaming conventions to give participants a chance to decompress and speak to an on-site clinician about their mental health.

Anxiety Gaming describes itself as “a grassroots organization connecting directly with gamers and helping them find spaces both in and out of games.” The charity helps to find mental health providers for gamers in need and can help cover the cost, and Anxiety Gaming also creates guilds to allow anxious gamers a place to talk with others without worrying about being scrutinized or attacked.

Depression and anxiety can be hidden in plain site, and the people around a depressed individual may have no idea they’re struggling. I’ve personally dealt with it for my entire adult life, and I encourage you to talk to your friends or seek a counselor if you’re struggling with mental illness. You’re not alone.

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