GTA Online grows with a new crop of Rockstar Verified Jobs

gta online grows new crop rockstar verified jobs capture

Rockstar Games always had big ambitions for GTA Online – the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V – but the addition of content creation tools for gamers to take advantage of opened up a whole new realm of possibility. Now, in addition to whatever DLC Rockstar pumps out, there’s a never-ending supply of user-created activities to participate in. Every once in awhile, Rockstar selects a handful of these to be labeled as Verified Jobs, at which point they become available in both versions of the game, regardless of whether the original was created on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

The latest crop of 10 Rockstar Verified Jobs goes heavy on the racing, with eight of the selections focused on beating everyone else to the finish line. The remaining two are just about beating people… with guns, with melee weapons, with fists, whatever you prefer, really. This is Grand Theft Auto. No one’s judging you. Just be wary when you bring a virtual knife to a virtual gunfight.

The easiest way to access these jobs is through Rockstar’s Social Club website. You create an account, link it with your console profile, and then shuttle to the desired job and click the “Add To Game” tab. You can find more info about the 10 new jobs and their creators on Rockstar’s Newswire blog.