GTA Online’s latest Verified Jobs play with planes, trains, and automobiles

gta onlines new verified jobs play with planes trains and automobiles 5 online

Rockstar Games posted a new crop of 10 Verified Jobs created with GTA Online‘s Creator tools, and the race-heavy selection – eight out of the 10 – is loose in its definition of what qualifies as a “road.” The 11-mile “Riding the  Tracks” isn’t just the longest Verified race yet, it’s also a full circuit of Los Santos’ and Blaine County’s rail line. No auto traffic, but speeding trains to contend with in both directions.

There’s also GTA Online‘s first Verified air race, “Final Destination,” three different motorbike races, and the cleverly titled “White Cars Can’t Jump,” which sees racers hitting jump ramps and sailing through open train cars. The whole collection is rounded out by a new pair of Team Deathmatch maps, one in the heart of the city and the other outside it.

GTA Online‘s Verified Jobs are entered into the “official” queue, meaning they’ll pop up among the Jobs that originally shipped with or were later added to GTA V‘s online mode. They’re available in both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game (unlike non-Verified player creations, which are restricted by platform), though Rockstar occasionally makes slight tweaks – to everything from a job’s title to individual spawn points/checkpoints – aimed at improving the experience.

Head over to Rockstar Games’ Newswire blog for a peek at the new Verified Jobs and a direct Social Club link for each one that lets you add it to your game from your browser (after you’ve signed into your Social Club account, of course).