Change your pants when real-world horror maze Hyde launches next year

Video games might be one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, but sometimes, they just aren’t immersive enough to give you the pants-soiling scares you require. That’s where the U.K.-based developer Slingshot Effect and its new game Hyde come in: The developer is now seeking funds on Kickstarter for the “bio-activated” horror game, which will task players with not only completing a terrifying real-world maze, but staying calm while they do it.

Taking influence from the show The Crystal Maze as well as Portal, Hyde is “based loosely on the story of Jekyll and Hyde,” and fits participants with biosensors to control their heart rate and breathing — certain locks and obstacles in the maze can only be conquered if players are able to trigger them through their biosensors.

As you can see in the above teaser video, Hyde looks to offer something far more terrifying than a traditional haunted house — it will only be available to those over 18, and Slingshot Effects doesn’t recommend people with health conditions participate. Should you meet these requirements and live in the Cardiff or London areas, backers can take part in testing sessions to fine-tune the experience.

Currently, Slingshot Effect plans to open Hyde as a ticketed experience in London if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal of $78,047 by July 17. Should the campaign reach approximately $120,000, there are plans to bring the game to New York City as well. Other stretch goals include additional rooms and even walls that move in response to your breathing. If all goes according to plan, Hyde will open in spring 2016 in the U.K. and will run for at least six months. Should the stretch goals be reached, the New York City experience will begin in early 2017. I already have a fresh pair of pants ready to go.