IDG Adds Streaming Video to

IDG Entertainment has launched a series of original streaming video programs on its Web site, which the company launched in mid-2005. The 11 videos currently available are designed to appeal to serious gaming enthusiasts, featuring behind the scenes info, humor, and highlights from popular game titles.

“A simple screenshot won’t do justice to many of today’s highly detailed games. You really have to see them in motion to appreciate them,” said IDGE president and CEO Daniel Orum.

The videos launch within a proprietary Flash-based plater which features (naturally) static and video advertising space, but also sports community voting and feedback tools so viewers can rate the shows. Current titles include:

  • Attack of the Factoids: A show which puts wacky and sarcastic Pop-up Video-style bubbles over game footage;
  • Hi-Fives: A short feature with five “fun and exciting” clips from a new game;
  • Video Net Tens: A video version of the site’s Net Ten Letterman-style top-ten list on a gaming topic;
  • Behind the Screens: A documentary-style program looking behind the scenes of popular video games.

“Our original video programs capture the energy and humor of video gaming and further separates our content from anything else on the Web,” said Craig Eastman, IDGE’s director of online product development. “Visitors can rate each episode, send feedback to our editorial department, even forward a link to a friend quickly and easily, all within the interface of the video player.”

Each video is preceded by a short pre-roll ad, along with static ads embedded in the video viewer, but the programming is otherwise free. Sony and Electronic Arts are already on board to promote properties through the video player. “Video advertisements allow our advertising partners to really show off their high-quality graphics and fluid game play while connecting with some of the most entertaining content on the Web that will be passed amongst gamers throughout the community,” said Orum.