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Jurassic Park Evolution 2 makes its debut at Summer Game Fest

Jurassic Park Evolution 2 was introduced today during the Summer Game Fest livestream. Jeff Goldblum, who co-starred in the Jurassic Park films, announced the sequel to the dinosaur management simulation game Jurassic Park Evolution.

At the Summer Game Fest, we only saw a cinematic trailer with a voice-over from Goldblum, so no game content was actually shared. However, the Steam page for Jurassic Park Evolution 2 has given us more information on what the game entails.

The game takes place after the Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom movie and players must now create a new park to conserve, control, and contain dinosaurs. Players will be working alongside characters from the Jurassic Park universe such as Dr. Ian Malcolm and Claire Dearing. The game will include over 75 species of dinosaurs, including the much-requested flying and aquatic dinosaurs.

The game will also have the Chaos Theory game mode. This will allow players to play through iconic moments in the Jurassic Park universe with a twist on the expectations. Players will have to think on their feet during these famous scenes, which will have unpredictable outcomes.

As with the first game, Jurassic Park Evolution 2 is produced by Frontier Developments, which has created a name for itself in the management genre with games like the RollerCoaster Tycoon and the Planet Zoo series.

Currently, there is no release date for Jurassic Park Evolution 2, only a promise that it will be released this year.

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