Play Just Cause 3, win a private island

The Just Cause games are known for their breathtakingly large open worlds, but until now, those worlds were confined to the borders of your television or monitor. With Just Cause 3, Square Enix is giving players a chance to change this by winning their own private island.

“Think you know how to cause chaos in Just Cause 3? Prove it, by signing up for the Just Cause 3 ‘Win an Island’ challenge,'” the narrator of the official announcement video states over footage of skydivers playing their Xbox One in midair.

Luckily, the contest does not require you to jump out of an airplane. Instead, pre-ordering the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (or simply purchasing a “Day One” version) makes you eligible, provided that you have a Square Enix Members account and live in North America. The goal is to rack up as many “Chaos Points” as possible, earned through creative destruction. For some examples, the trailer shows protagonist Rico backflipping off a plane as it flies into a radio tower, firing a rocket at a water tower, and shooting a helicopter out of the sky with a machine gun. Be at the top of the leaderboards 90 days after the game’s December 1 launch, and the island is yours.

Nowhere in the trailer does it say, however, where the island is located or how big it is, and the official contest page makes a point of mentioning that the “actual island” has not been shown. The winner is also able to get “a cash-prize equivalent” instead of the actual island, which will be useful in case it ends up being 4,000 miles away or can fit inside a studio apartment.

Just Cause 3 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 1, while developer Avalanche Studios’ other project, Max Max, launches alongside Metal Gear Solid V next Tuesday.