Konami Bringing Skin Care Software to DS

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Nintendo has garnered some acclaim by targeting non-traditional gamers: its Wii video game console has proven to be a hit even with senior citizens, and games like Nintendogs and Brain Age for the Nintendo DS have expanded the appeal of the handheld gaming system well beyond the male teenage demographic favored by gaming companies.

Now it seems like game developers for Nintendo’s platforms are looking to tap into those non-traditional audiences, with game developer Konami announcing it plans to release a game called Dream Skincare (Japanese), under the idea of "getting pretty while having fun."

At a news conference in Tokyo (covered by Reuters), Konami officer Naoyuki Notsu outlined the product, which will offer users daily customized skin care instructions based on factors like a user’s basal body temperature and hormonal balance. The game features in-game advice from beauty expert Chizu Saeki, and users will be able to set a target date on which they’d like their skin to look its best—such as a wedding or important event—and the software will adjust and adopt its recommendations accordingly. ,

Konami plans to launch Dream Skincare in Japan on October 18, with a suggested price of ¥4,500 (about $37 U.S.). Konami says it doesn’t have any plans to launch the product to other markets.

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