LA City Attorney Sues Over GTA: San Andreas

The city attorney of Los Angeles, Rocky Delgadillo, has filed a civil lawsuit (PDF) against Take-Two Interactive over last year’s fracas regarding the company’s best-selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The original game contained hidden sex scenes later exposed via the infamous “Hot Coffee” add-on; the suit alleges the company engaged in unfair competition by shipping the hidden pornographic material.

Once discovered, the game was rapidly withdrawn from retailers in order to avoid being rated “Adults Only” by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. A new version of the game, minus the hidden sexual material, has since been re-released by Take-Two. However, more than 12 million copies of the original version of the game were sold, accounting for sales revenue of about $600 million. The LA attorney’s office estimates 200,000 units were sold in California alone, accounting for some $10 million in revenue.

The suit seeks civil penalties against Take-Two