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Stop bullying with Life is Strange and ‘Everyday Heroes’

Life is Strange deals with some extremely sensitive issues over its five episodes, including teen suicide, bullying, sexuality, and drug use — it can be so intense that a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen gives a hotline number for players experiencing emotional trauma. But Square Enix and Dontnot want anyone struggling with negative thoughts or abuse to know that things will get better, and their “Everyday Heroes” campaign allows the community to do just that.

By using #EverydayHeroes on Twitter, you can share your own story about, in Square Enix’s words, “how you overcame adversity, stood up for what’s right, or helped a friend in need.” Every story shared on Twitter will help add to the publisher’s ongoing donation to the National Bullying Prevention Center. The organization compiles its own list of students and schools doing their part to end bullying, as well as several resources for those seeking more information on bullying nationwide.

“This goes to one of my best friends, who finally got her victory against bulimia,” one user wrote, adding that they themselves suffered from bullying for years and are “still recovering” from he abuse.

“A friend of mine was bullied,” another user shares, saying that they “talked until she had the strength to talk with a teacher. She smiles again.”

Perhaps my favorite story shared so far, however, is from one user who admitted to being a bully as a child. “My friend got the courage to confront me about it and I stopped,” she says. It’s never too late to change how you treat other people.

There are some truly amazing stories in the archive already, and anti-bullying and mental illness awareness campaigns deserve much more attention than they currently get. If you are experiencing bullying or are having other negative thoughts, tell a friend: you’ll be surprised at how much other people care about you. If you’d like to help put a stop to bullying, you can donate at the PACER website.

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