Logitech PowerShell brings gamepad gaming to iOS 7

logitech powershell brings gamepad gaming ios 7

Mobile gamers running iOS 7 now have an alternative to virtual touchscreen controls with Logitech’s new PowerShell Controller + Battery. The gamepad is fitted with a centrally located slot that your iPhone 5/5S or fifth-generation iPod Touch can slot into. It’s not a full console controller layout, but the PowerShell sports a D-pad, four face buttons, a pause button, and two shoulder buttons. It’s also fitted with a 1,500mAh battery that limits the amount of juice sucked from your device while you play. The whole thing is just shy of 8 inches in length, so it’s still reasonably portable as well.

A number of games are fully compatible with PowerShell out of the box; the press release specifically mentions BastionFast & Furious: The GameGalaxy on Fire 2 HD, MetalStorm Aces, and Nitro. There’s no app or added setup needed to get started, so you should be able to just plug in your phone and go. 

The PowerShell is available to purchase starting today from Best Buy and Apple’s online store for $100. Let us know what you think if you grab one. External controllers are relatively new territory for Apple’s mobile devices.