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Mario Party Superstars collects boards and games from the series’ past

Today, Nintendo announced Mario Party Superstars, the next entry in the Mario Party franchise. The game acts as a collection of the most popular boards and minigames from the series’ past. Players can also play against friends and strangers online regardless of whether they’re partied with someone or playing solo. Mario Party Superstars releases October 29 on Switch, but pre-orders open today.

Mario Party Superstars – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021

Mario Party Superstars will feature five classic party boards from its Nintendo 64 entries, including Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land. The boards have updated graphics and are fully realized in HD for the Switch. Beyond minigames and the usual coins, each board contains unique events that occur if players stop on particular spaces on the board.

The game features a wide variety of minigames from past games. Around 100 total minigames from past series entries will be available. Some of the minigames shown in the trailer include one where the partygoers must climb up a hill and avoid falling boulders, a Tetris-like block clearing game, a face-mashing game where players must pinch and pull Bowser’s face to match a model, and a mine cart racing game. All minigames can be played with button controls, even if they were originally designed for motion controls or some of Nintendo’s more unique peripherals (the Nintendo GameCube microphone, for example).

All of Mario Party Superstars‘ game modes will work with online play. Players can queue solo and play against other random players worldwide or play online versus friends. Players will be able to save their games mid-party if they’re playing online with friends. Those playing the games can also use decorative stickers to communicate with other players, though it’s not clear if voice chat will be supported.

Mario Party Superstars releases October 29 on Nintendo Switch.

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