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Microsoft Flight Simulator set for takeoff on Xbox Series X/S in 4K

Microsoft Flight Simulator is on its way to the Xbox Series X/S very soon as revealed during Microsoft’s E3 conference. The amateur flight simulator will be landing on the Xbox series X|S in just two days on July 27. It will also receive a Top Gun movie tie-in expansion that’s coming in the fall of 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest entry in Microsoft’s long-running series, which began in 1982. This new addition to the series was released in 2020 for Microsoft Windows and is finally making its way to console this year.

The newest trailer shows the game running at 4K on the Xbox Series X. Its console release has been teased on the official site via a message stating, “Coming to Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2021” and straight from its lead, Jörg Neumann, during early interviews.

This console port has been in the works since its initial PC release in 2020 with Phil Spencer and Neumann claiming that it was being developed at the time, even before a load of requests for it started coming in.

The original release of the flight sim is critically acclaimed as one of the best and most unique gaming experiences on the PC. Its claim to fame is the accessibility behind it, allowing players to play with multiple monitors and a flight stick or a simple Xbox controller, enabling play even for players who know nothing about flying an airplane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on PC for purchase and through the Xbox Game Pass for PC. It will be hitting the Xbox Series X/S on July 27 for $70. The Top Gun expansion will follow behind in fall 2021.

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