Modern Warfare 3 announcement coming next week?

modern warfare 3 announcement coming next week find makarovSure it is only February, and sure the next Call of Duty title won’t be released for nine months or so, but it is apparently never too early to begin hyping an upcoming title, at least according to Activision. The publisher has launched a brand new website today called, which features a countdown timer that will expire next week during Game Developers Conference.

For those rusty on their fictional antagonist glossary, Makarov was one of the bad guys that escaped in the previous Modern Warfare title, and his return for the third game in the series was assumed to be a given. Last month Modern Warfare 3 was all but officially confirmed for this November, and with the stage set for GDC, it seems like we could have an official unveiling next month.

Check out our ongoing GDC coverage next week for more details.