NECA reveals replica Gravity Gun, plans to sell it in Spring 2013

Gravity Gun NECA

Statistically speaking, since you’re currently reading text on Digital Trends’ gaming section, it’s almost certain that you’ve played Half-Life 2. In turn, it’s also almost certain that you’re familiar with the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator — though you likely know it best by its colloquial name: The Gravity Gun. Now, if you’re anything like us, from the moment you picked up this gadget in the junkyard behind Eli Vance’s makeshift, erstwhile laboratory, you adopted the weapon as your default means of destruction. Though Half-Life 2 features a swath of cool guns, including a Dirty Harry-esque hand cannon and a crossbow that flings red-hot chunks of jagged rebar, there’s something very special about a weapon that simply grabs objects from the environment only to then launch them at your foes with deadly velocity.

Unfortunately, here in the real world our best military scientists have yet to develop anything so creatively lethal. We’ve got guns that fire thousands of rounds per second and bombs that can atomize huge chunks of the planet, yet nothing that can instantly turn a broken down toilet into a dangerous, man-portable projectile. However, thanks to the efforts of toy maker NECA, you’ll soon be able to purchase the next best thing.

In an announcement posted to the company’s official website this morning, NECA revealed plans to offer a 1:1 scale replica of the Gravity Gun in the Spring of 2013. Though the notice fails to specify an exact date for this thing’s release, and likewise offers no information on how much a Gravity Gun replica might cost, NECA claims that it will begin accepting pre-orders for the replica very soon. Again, no specific date is offered for when the pre-order campaign might kick off, but if we had to guess we’d assume that NECA will offer up all of the pertinent information alongside the replica’s first public debut at the 2013 New York Toy Fair in February.

That’s an important point, as any prospective purchasers are going to want to put their money down as soon as possible. NECA’s announcement claims that this replica is going to be a limited edition affair, and while it won’t be as rare as the company’s earlier Portal-themed replicas, we doubt you’ll be able to find many Gravity Guns on offer past the first month of its public availability. As this gun would instantly appeal to both toy collectors and Half-Life fans, you’re going to be competing with tens of thousands of other prospective buyers on this replica, so it would behoove you to get your order in as soon as possible. For our part, we’ll bring you word on pricing and availability just as soon as NECA is ready to make that information public.

In the mean time, NECA has tossed up a handful of images from the first prototype replica. You can find our favorite one above this text, but if you’d like more simply click through to NECA’s website. If any of you rabid Half-Life fans can find fault with NECA’s work, we’d love to hear it as we’ve spent all morning drooling over this thing.