New trailer shows off Battlefield 4 expansion Dragon’s Teeth

new trailer shows battlefield 4 expansion dragons teeth propaganda

Today, Battlefield Premium subscribers will be able to download the Dragon’s Teeth expansion to Battlefield 4. Gamers who are not premium members will have to wait until July 29 to get their hands on the latest DLC pack. To tide over gamers who must wait, and to launch the latest expansion, EA and DICE have unveiled a trailer focusing on the Dragon’s Teeth content.

The action comes fast and furious in the two minute trailer, with plenty of explosions and daring runs through enemy fire, whether on foot, motorcycle, ATV, or jetski. A tank gets obliterated by a train, buildings are destroyed, train tracks are blown up, and a water tower pops its top. There isn’t much room for story, but the action is intense.

Dragon’s Teeth takes place in the urban environments of Asia, with the four new maps ‘designed for urban combat.’ The details of the DLC were revealed a month ago, and the latest trailer can be seen below.