Nifty open world, randomly generated horror game Grave coming to Xbox One

Broken Window Studios’ survival-horror game Grave has added Xbox One to its list of supported platforms, with the Microsoft console launch joining planned Linux, Mac, and Windows releases in early 2015. If you haven’t heard of Grave, it’s an open world adventure in which no two runthroughs are different thanks to its randomly generated environments. You can check it out on Kickstarter, and even score a PC demo for backing it.

We spent some time checking out the Oculus Rift-enhanced PC version of Grave at the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference and definitely enjoyed the experience. The dev team has a ways to go, but the core premise is there, and it’s sound. Players are dropped into a dream-like desert landscape that is dotted with ever-changing points of interest. Exploration is safe enough during the day, but weird things start happening at night. You can use various light sources to keep the monsters at bay, but using them consumes resources like matches or batteries.

We’ve posted a gallery of screens pulled from across the game’s development timeline. Bear in mind that they’re not in any specific order, but you’ll definitely get a sense of where Grave started and how it’s coming along, visually. You also might want to take a peek at the trailer below. The Kickstarter concludes in 10 days and Broken Window still has a ways to go, so step up!