Nintendo announces a real-life Legend of Zelda adventure for 2017

Shigeru Miyamoto was inspired to create The Legend of Zelda by his real-life adventures as a child, and if you’ve ever wanted to experience the wonder of Hyrule and the Triforce without a controller, now is your chance. Defenders of the Triforce is a Zelda-themed “escape room” game featuring many of the franchise’s classic characters and items.

Designed in collaboration with escape room company Scrap, Defenders of the Triforce is a touring real-world challenge that tasks a group of six players to “solve a mystery within a huge area,” using key discovered items to unlock new pathways in a manner similar to the video games. The announcement also said that players will take on the role of “Link,” though it’s unclear if you’ll actually be able to wear his signature tunic.

Scrap producer Doc Preuss said in the announcement that Defenders of the Triforce will feel “as authentic as possible” and will please longtime fans of the Zelda series.

Once groups have completed the challenge, they’ll be able to purchase “exclusive” Zelda merchandise in the room’s promotional lounge, and will also have the change to take commemorative photos.

Defenders of the Triforce will begin in San Francisco at the end of January 2017 before making its way to Los Angeles and San Diego. The tour will then head to Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, and New York. “Early bird” tickets are available now on the tour’s website, with $10 netting you the basic package.

The next video game in the Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, arrives to the new Nintendo Switch as well as the Wii U in 2017. Though the game was initially rumored as a launch title, new reports suggest that development has run behind schedule and the game will now release sometime next summer.

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