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Free No Man’s Sky Endurance update makes your freighter feel like home

No Man’s Sky just received its 12th free update titled Endurance. This update overhauls freighters and fleets, including a new bridge that contains a Quick Access Teleporter, allowing players to warp anywhere in the universe. Freighters will feature new NPCs who live and work on these celestial bases, offering companionship, while also helping you keep things running.

No Man's Sky Endurance Update

Sean Murray, head of Hello Games, tweeted out a list of new features launching with the Endurance update.

No Man's Sky Endurance 💪

🚀Freighter Overhaul
👷Vast Bases
🛰️Improved Hangar
🧑‍🚀NPC Crew
🔭New Bridge
👀External Windows
🪨Huge Asteroids Fields
🤯Exterior Walkways
🌌Space Atmospherics
🪐Polestar Expedition
🐋Living Frigates
👽Combat Missions

Free and Out Now 🙏

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) July 20, 2022

Another welcome inclusion is the addition of exterior walkways, allowing you to take in the sights of space, which is equally as terrifying as it is beautiful. And speaking of space, Endurance has also implemented a wider variety of asteroids, giving players access to more resources.

Endurance includes a brand-new combat mission that takes players on a journey to an infested planet. Your job is to rid the planet of the infection, but doing so will be no easy feat. “Infested planets now have an increased chance of titan worm activity,” Hello Games said.

A lengthy list of bug fixes and quality of life improvements also comes alongside the Endurance update, and includes the ability to adjust the sensitivity of cursor controls.

No Man’s Sky first launched in 2016 and has received constant updates since then. It has come a long way since its barebones beginnings, and Hello Games says it’s not finished updating No Man’s Sky — not by a longshot.

The game is on most current platforms and will launch for Nintendo Switch this October.

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