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Our first look at the Sony PSP2?


Yesterday, we learned that the Sony PSP2 may have a large OLED touchscreen and 3G access. Today, we might have our first glimpse of the new handheld. If accurate, it means the system will support SD cards and Sony Memory Sticks, perhaps even coming with a 32GB card.

Also pictured is a stylus, indicating that the system may sport a touchscreen, but it probably won’t be capacitive like the current crop of touchscreens on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. A capacitive touchscreen uses the electricity from your fingers to register touch. If the PSP2 has a stylus, it likely has a resistive touchscreen, which works by actually pressing down on the screen. These types of screens do work with bare fingers, but are best when used with a stylus or pointer object. We’re not sure why Sony would opt for a resistive touchscreen when its rumored PlayStation phone will undoubtedly feature a capacitive screen.

The device shown has a lot in common with the PSP Go, but mimics the dual-shock 2 controllers with an added analog control stick and what appears to be a PlayStation button. On the PS3, the PlayStation button syncs up a controller to the console. It’s possible that this may not be a button on the PSP2, or could just be an on/off power button, but could the PSP2 be used as a controller for the PlayStation 3? It’s possible.

This shot comes via Kotaku, which has some doubts about its accuracy. The site believes official Sony art would come at higher resolution and that the buttons on the direction pad (D-Pad) don’t quite fit in with the rest of the picture. Also of concern: the memory sticks shown are not current models.

Many speculate that the PSP2 could rival the Xbox 360 and PS3 in graphical power. The device is rumored to be unveiled by Sony on Jan. 27. To learn all we currently know about the PSP2, click here.

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