Over 21 Million Nintendo DS Game Units Sold

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Nintendo introduced the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system on November 21, 2004, and today the company announced that it has sold more than 21 million of the diminutive handheld gaming devices. Averaged out over time, that’s almost one unit every two seconds since the product was launched.

“We’re thrilled to be announcing this milestone today,” says GeorgeHarrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing andcorporate communications, “especially since Nintendo DS was North America’stop-selling video game system of any type in June. We attribute thissuccess to Nintendo’s overall strategy of offering something for everyone&mdashh;from five-year-olds caring for their Nintendogs to 65-year-olds tuning their mental agility with Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day.”

Part of the DS’s appeal is undoubtedly its game lineup