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PlayStation Plus members get ‘Until Dawn’ for free in July

Until Dawn - Launch Date Trailer | PS4
Sony’s PlayStation Plus program has been struggling to match the quality of Xbox Games With Gold over the last few months, but that will be changing in July. Subscribers will be able to download one of Telltale’s adventures, as well as a unique horror game starring some familiar faces.

Beginning Tuesday, all PlayStation Plus members will be able to download and play Until Dawn. A PlayStation 4 exclusive, the game offers a spin on the classic teen slasher genre by allowing you to change the story at nearly any moment. One false move or decision is all it takes to kill off your favorite characters, and you might recognize a few of them. Hayden Panettiere of Heroes and Nashville fame stars in the game, as does Rami Malek of Mr. Robot. For those who fall in love with the game, you can also pick up its virtual reality sibling, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for less than $20 right now.

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Also free on PlayStation 4 in July is Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Unlike the studio’s Walking Dead adaptation, this adventure series follows several of the characters from the HBO show, complete with the actors’ likenesses. The game received mixed reviews, with critics praising its contributions to the universe while noting its technical shortcomings.

PlayStation 3 owners also have a great lineup in July. First up is Tokyo Jungle, a bizarre exploration game that has you facing off against other animals in an abandoned city. You can also team up with other beasts you find to increase your chance of survival. PlayStation 3 owners will also get the fighting game Darkstalkers Resurrection, which contains remastered versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3.

PlayStation Vita owners will get the creepy platformer Element4l, which first released on PC in 2013. While that version of the game received solid reviews, the Vita port has not been as well-received. Vita owners will also get Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, which is a cross-buy title for PlayStation 4, as well. The “dodge-em-up” arcade game also released on iOS last year.

What do you think of July’s PlayStation Plus lineup? How do you think it compares to Xbox Games With Gold? Let us know in the comments!

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